My name is Paul Thomas and welcome to my website about gout treatment and gout diets.

I started this website because when I was looking for solutions for my gout I was overwhelmed with all the information on the internet.

I found it very confusing looking for natural solutions or dietary changes that I could implement to help relieve my gout symptoms.

Through many hours of research and practical trial and error I discovered a revolutionary approach to manage gout through diet.

The principles of the diet are supported by scientific research and aim to address the root cause of gout (it’s very different from the traditionally recommended “low purine” diet) but more about that later.

After all my studies I’ve also come to realize a lot of what is commonly recommended to help gout can do more harm than good. There is a lot of misinformation based on poor logic, faulty reasoning and outdated science.

I’d like to share the truth about diet and gout with you.

4 Steps To Help Your Gout

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  • Annette brookes on January 17, 2015

    Thanks for the information. Ive had many flare ups and thought it could be candida, and leaky gut at first.. I have just introduced red kidney beans, mackerel avocado and bananas to my diet over the Christmas period. I since read those foods should be avoided maybe causing my recent flare up. I pray the Gout Solution will help me get my life back..ive lost a great deal of weight and had to give up work

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