Why Traditional Gout Diets Don’t Work

If you have done any looking around on the internet there is no doubt you have come across a recommendation for a “low purine” diet as a treatment for gout.

Not only is this diet impractical, tasteless and very difficult to follow but the results on gout symptoms are usually very negligible.

The low purine diet recommendation has been around for decades. If it really did work then gout would be eradicated and the disease would be a closed case.

The truth is the incidences of gout are growing. As evident by this recent press release from the college of rheumatology.

Why Doesn’t A Low Purine Diet Work And Why Is Gout Increasing?

There is no debate that excess uric acid causes gout. The issue is what the causative factors are that lead to this excess uric acid in the body.

Having the correct understanding of why there is an excess uric acid will of course lead to a much better chance of correcting this root cause.

The fact of the matter is that decreasing dietary purines has not been a reliable treatment, and as stated in one recent research paper, “It is clearly not simply that high purine content in food is bad for gout.”

Purines caught the blame with some faulty logic looking at the sources of uric acid.

There are two sources: external purines (the foods we eat) and internal purines (our own natural breakdown of cells).

External purines from our diet have been incorrectly blamed for causing gout and are behind the rationale of recommending a low purine diet.

Unfortunately an often ignored component that is of larger concern are our internal purines. The production of these and the excretion of these can be heavily influenced by particular foods we eat.

Eating these foods will “trigger” the body to increase it’s uric acid levels making it much more susceptible to a gout attack or flare up.

The fact is more of these “trigger” foods are making there way into our modern diet and gout sufferers are unknowingly eating them and having more attacks and flare ups.

When you know which foods to avoid, reducing your chance of a gout attack or relieving your symptoms is relatively easy.

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